Treatments by W.O.W!

W.O.W! Wellness is grounded in our commitment to care for the mind, body and spirit based around a strong connection to nature.

With proven technologies and exclusive treatments available only in Singapore, W.O.W! is dedicated to ensuring that our clients only experience the finest of treatments.


With the aid of non-invasive and, technologically-led treatments, there is no down-time and problem areas will see results almost immediately.

With the likes of the world’s first Customised Microbiome Mask treatment, as well as other curated treatments we aim to give you more self-confidence and an extra bounce in your step:

  • Customised Beautifying Mask
  • ExclusivePro Encapsulated Treatment
  • Fat Freeze / Cool Sculpting
  • Naturapeel

Anti-Aging/ Age Reverse

Our bustling lifestyle invokes stress which will make you age faster. How can you slow it down?

Check out these curated treatments for
exuberance in youth:

  • W.O.W! Nova Treatment
  • 24K Gold Elixir
  • FAC-Cryotherapy
  • V-Lift Cryo
  • Indiba V-Lift

Acne Cure

Having those annoyingly stubborn acne problems?

Free yourself from those acne problems with the help of the following proven treatments:

  • ElimiAcne Skin Treatment
  • Blossom Skin Renewal
  • Youth Skin Fitness

Parched Skin

Is constantly being in dry environments making you lose the natural glow of your skin?

Rejuvenate and freshen your skin with these signature treatments:

  • AgeNoMore Oriental Treatment
  • OxyLife Rejuvenation
  • Radiance Essential Treatment


How can you break free from those frustrating hair loss issues?

Stop your hair loss problems with the help of our signature scalp care remedies:

  • Cabello Anti-Hair Loss
  • Aquaboost Microdermabrasion Hair treatment

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