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75 mins Aroma Clarity Facial Therapy

First Timer Promo Price $28 U.P.$128

This facial care infused therapy with modern treatments using aroma essential oils. Not only will your skin feel incredible, but your immune system will be able to naturally fight off any nasty infections too.

Benifits from our Aroma Facial Therapy:

  • Features essential cleansing off full extraction
  • Full customisation of essantial oils based on skin’s needs
  • Relax facial muscles to restore elasticity and absorption of nutrients
  • Improved complexion with shine and smooth

90 mins vitamin C infusion Booster Treatment 3-in-1 Bonus Bundle

First Timer Promo Price $48 U.P.$288

Say NO to congested, uneven skin, and HELLO to a healthy rejuvenated glow with a treatment that incorporates surface and deep cell restoration.

Bundle Includes:

  • Customised essence according to skin needs (worth $88)
  • Oxygen Booster Mask (worth $108)
  • Panda Eye Detox (worth $88)
  • Complimentary Pure Oxygen-inhalation (worth $128)

Purifying Back Anti-Acne Laser Treatment

First Timer Promo Price $38 U.P.$258

Gone are the days of “bacne”. We’ll cleanse and exfoliate your back, remove impurities, a use of soft laser and a calming body mask to top it all off. Have the smooth, acne-free back your deserve!


  • Goodbye to “bacne”
  • Reduce acne scarring/ mask
  • Improve complexion with shine and smooth

ElimiAcne Skin Treatment

Promo Price $68 U.P.$188

Acne prone skin? Spots and blemishes have a huge effect on self-confidence. The ElimiAcne skin treatment is ideal for acne prone skin as it regulates excessive sebum production. Simply start with two to three treatments in one week and proceed with monthly maintenance.

See beautiful results after the very first treatment!
Acne affects one’s self-confidence just as much as it does your skin. What’s more, although it’s mostly seen in teenagers and young adults, it’s still prone to making an appearance at any age. There are numerous reasons why you might have acne problems – from hormones to genetics, lifestyle, medication, and unhealthy eating habits.

The ElimiAcne skin treatment is ideal for tackling acne head-on to kill bacteria, regulate sebum production, pick up the pace of skin keratinisation, and prevent acne from returning altogether.

V-lift Cyro

Promo Price $128 U.P.$218

It’s time to enter the revolutionary anti-wrinkle face lift and skin tightening world of the V-Lift Cryo procedure. Get the V-shaped face and a natural-looking nose you’ve always wanted with a treatment that is not only safe, fast, and effective, but has also been performed in over 2000 clinics in Korea! Want it? You’ve got it!

Aqua Boost Microdermabrasion Hair treatment

Promo Price $88 U.P.$288

This treatment includes two key methods to prevent hair thinning and to promote a healthier scalp. The Revitalising and Balancing Treatment exfoliates and unclogs pores while the Pampering Treatment with O3 combined with Ampoule promotes deep cleansing and prevents persistent thinning.

Natural Bust Maximiser

Promo Price $88 U.P.$298

“Bust a move” with a treatment that gives your bust a firmer, lifted appearance! This treatment also includes:

  • A collagen mask treatment
  • Intensive bust enhancement and firming cream
  • Bust essence application for hydration and elasticity
  • Traditional massaging techniques to enhance and firm up breast tissue while reducing the risk of breast cancer with natural plant phytonutrients

CoolSculpt Fat Freeze Body

First Timer Promo Price $88 (for 1 session) U.P.$388
First Timer Promo Package $1088 (for 6 sessions) U.P.$2388

Don’t want to go through Liposuction? Now, you don’t have to!

Look and feel incredible with this Cryolipolysis treatment that offers long-lasting circumferential fat reduction in targeted areas by more than 30%! It’s the only FDA-approved, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment in the world.

Fat cells are frozen to break them down quickly. The best part? You won’t feel a thing!

Pain-free = worry-free.

TCM Body Sculpt Slimming Therapy

First Timer Promo Price $78 (for 1 session) U.P.$188
First Timer Promo Package $888 (for 8 sessions) U.P.$1128

Get your beach body ready with our TCM body sculpting therapy. To ensure we reach your specific goals, we’ll customise all treatments to provide you with a painless, non-invasive slimming solution.

Our expert TCM practitioners use pulse analysis to get to know your unique body type and identify their approach. Some of the therapies include acupuncture, cupping, Gua Sha, and body detox massages – all with the aim of reaching your slimming goals.

Why use this treatment?

  • Performed by a Singaporean Registered TCM Physician
  • Totally safe and effective
  • Provides long-lasting results
  • Has no rebound “yo-yo” effect