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TCM Body Sculpt Slimming Therapy

Get your beach body ready with our TCM body sculpting therapy. To ensure we reach your specific goals…. Read more

Proionic Thermal Heat

Are you not-so-patiently waiting for your exercises and workouts to make a difference? Improve your… Read more

Purifying Body Detox Wrap

Struggling with muscle spasms, soreness, minor aches, and pains? Struggle no more! This treatment… Read more

Detox Thermal Blanket

If you’re looking for the ultimate water-release treatment, the Detox Thermal Blanket is for you… Read more

Bust Maximiser

“Bust a move” with a treatment that gives your bust a firmer, lifted appearance!… Read more

MLD Electra 800 Bust Firming Treatment

Breast sagging is a natural occurrence caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstrual cycles… Read more

Purifying Back Anti-Acne Laser Treatment

Have “bacne” you can’t get rid of? Not for long with this laser anti-acne treatment! We’ll cleanse… Read more

Flawless Whitening Back Meso Peel

Have acne, oily, and uneven skin on your back? We’ll help you with a custom solution using Mandelic… Read more