Our curated treatments just for you

We are the only wellness salon in the East offering W.O.W! Deep Beauty.

It’s completely non-invasive and delivers results proven by medical researchers in numerous medical journals.

It’s all about, and created for, YOU – with love.

Indiba Age Reversal

This tightening and lifting treatment uses the Proionic® System which also reduces fat and cellulite… Find Out More

MP2 Regeneration

Lift and reshape your face without surgical intervention! We apply radio frequency (RF) to heat…. Read more

SmartTech Rainbow E-Light Intense Pulse Laser (IPL)

Need a quick skin revitalisation? This non-ablative resurfacing technique targets the lower layers of your… Read more

InstaNourish Skin Treatment

This highly effective and innovative lifting treatment has various steps to provide you with firmer… Read more

FastLift Skin Treatment

Give yourself a face-lift with our trailblazing skin lifting program that includes rejuvenation with a Multi-Peptide… Read more

AgeNoMore Oriental Treatment

As we age, so do our skin cells. With this treatment, you don’t have to worry about dull and lifeless skin any longer!… Read more

24K Gold Elixir

Ever wonder how the Egyptians always looked so amazing? That’s right – Pure GOLD Skin Treatments! Achieve Queen… Read more


Stimulate and preserve your skin cells while conditioning at the same time! This full aesthetics skin conditioning… Read more